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Home Automation

Lighting Automation

  • Lighting – ON/OFF, Dimming, Fan speed control

  •  Dimming – Halogen, CFL, TL, PL, LED

  •  Motorized Mechanism – Curtains, RollerBlinds, Shutter, Projector Screen

  •  AV Device – TV, Set-top box, Music System, DVD Player, Blue-ray

  •  HVAC – VRV, VRF, Cassette, Split, Window

  •  Video Door Phone & Door lock

  •  Security System & sensors

  •  Integrate any make switch

Voice Control Smart Home

  • We are very excited to announce that Digital Dreams is now compatible with Amazon Echo! By starting sentences with “Alexa,” you can play music, hear the news, get the forecast, and now; control your home/office lights, AV, AC and anything onto the Digital Dreams platform.
    Digital Dreams + Echo help control your home without lifting a finger!

  •  Your Home at your command

  •  Control your TV/AC/Lights - just by asking

  •  Kids Friendly

  •  Skills add more capabilities - Uber, Dominos etc

  •  Support for Amazon Echo / Tap / Dot

User Interface Devices

  • Make your own choice from the various user interface devices Digital Dreams has to offer. Find the right switch to match your interiors with Digital Dreams non-proprietary software support which enables one to use any make switches with our platform.

  • Digital Dreams IR Remote is a handy accessory used to control lighting modules across the home. Though the solution delivers a ground-breaking level of functionality and connectivity the usage is simplified to the core!

  • With browser based technology use any smart device to control your entire home from tablets to phone -- yes even laptops and computers.

Integrated Security & Communication

  • Now control and monitor the security system right from your Digital Dreams interface. Keep yourself and the home well protected with integrated security system and SIP doorbell. The doorbell allows you to screen visitors from anywhere thus, ensuring peace of mind whether your at home or on vacation.

  • With integrated Visitor Tracking System get a history of visitor snapshots who had visited your home. Precisely date and time-stamp each one with automated motion detection technology

Integrated Security & Communication

  • They are touch-sensitive Control Pads. Or, in other words, Intelligent Switches. That means the most basic models are the modern substitute for conventional switches and switchboards. Except, they are operated by touch. Moreover, they are always at an easy reach even in the dark, thanks to a soft lit-up display. In addition, they come in sleek and stylish designs that can take the luxury quotient of your home a notch higher.

  •  Capacitive Fan Dimming Technology - No more fan noise at low speed!

  •  Feather Touch Buttons

  •  Hybrid Module

  •  Retrofit

  •  Toughened Glass with 0.3mm Chamfer

  •  Infrared, Bluetooth & Wifi Control

  •  Smartphone / Tablet controlled

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